HIGH GLOSS : High Gloss plates are conventional glossy plates with 350 – 400 gloss units. These are particularly suitable for industrial grade laminates. These high gloss plates were previously also used in decorative laminates until, super high gloss was introduced. These plates are low cost solution for glossy laminates.
SUPER HIGH GLOSS : It is specialized product from house of Mapple. These plates are manufactured with latest “State of Art” machinery to produce gloss levels above 700 gloss units. These plates have given decorative segment completely new vision to look at glossy laminates.
LINER GRADE MATT PLATE : It is conventional matt plate, shot blasted with glass beads to generate smooth non directional and non reflective finish. The soft satin look with low reflectivity adds to its aesthetic appeal.
CUSTOMISED MATT : Over period of time, matt has gained many dimensions, then just linear grade matt. With change in gain sizes and gloss levels, Matt can be offered in decorative segment with variety like Smooth Matt, Silky Matt, Zero Matt, etc.
SUEDE FINISH : Swede finish is heart of laminate industry. No folder is complete without SF accompanied by wood grain design papers. SF can be offered with variety of texture grains, however there few traditional textures grains which are regularly in demand.
CHIFFON FINISH : Chiffon Finish also known as Mechanical SF has very appealing smooth fine grains. Its compatibility with all themes and applications makes this finish more popular among architects and interior designers.
TEXTURE : Making use of latest technology, we create innovative surfaces for laminates that are not only visually appealing but also beautifully tactile. These surfaces range from textures inspired by nature to abstract and graphic designs. Designs for our natural collections reflect the beauty of textiles, leathers, animal skins, stones, wood grain, grass and leaves. And for our non-natural collection, we develop both cutting edge graphic and abstract textures.